Oil Water Separators

We presently market a complete line of AFC Oil Water Separators for smaller flows, generally up to 12 litres per second. When designing these units we felt we had to improve on the following:

  1. - most separators on the market limit the influent oil content to either 400 P.P.M. or 1000 P.P.M. if the effluent quality required is 15 P.P.M. or less
  2. - most separators limit the specific gravity of the influent oil to .90 or less

Our thinking was that even a minor spill at a service station would generate far more than 1000 P.P.M. What would be the point of installing an oil water separator if the codes and by-laws would be exceeded by any event other than washing a floor down or a storm event flowing across the parking lot to the catch basins upstream of the separator? Further we knew that many of the hydrocarbon products used on cars, in garages and washed off in car washes had a specific gravity higher than .90. By physically testing an oil water separator over several months, we were able to determine that a properly designed oil water separator could treat significantly higher concentrations of oil in the influent, as well as separate oils with a higher specific gravity. This was accomplished with very specific design locations of the inlet, outlet and through flow in a three compartment separator complete with coalescing pack. The end result was that our Model #1601 and #1605 separators were able to treat oil or fuel spills of over 1500 litres while maintaining an effluent quality of 15 P.P.M. or less total extractable hydrocarbon. Our Model #1601E and #1605E were able to treat oil or fuel spills of almost 1000 litres. All four models were easily able to treat and remove the relatively small amounts of oil found in storm run-off at service stations and garages. We also found that we could treat influent with oils of a specific gravity of up to .90.

Please see our Specifications, Operation & Maintenance Schedule, Installation Guidelines and Sample Maintenance Schedule along with our product shop drawings of each model of AFC Oil Water Separator, under the Shop Drawing heading.

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