CDS Oil Grit Separators

AFC Inc. markets a complete line of CDS Oil Grit Separators for large stormwater flows, ranging from 20 litres per second to 1812 litres per second or higher. CDS Technologies Inc. has developed and patented a non-blocking screening technology that allows their storm water treatment units to be superior to the many conventional hydrodynamic separators that are on the market. We began our partnership with CDS Technologies Inc. in 2000 and we have been bringing their innovative products to Western Canada since that year.

AFC Inc. in conjunction with Kon Kast Products Ltd. is a representative and distributor of these large flow oil/grit separators. This technology is based on the unique solids/liquids separation known as Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS). As mentioned above, .continuous deflective separation. is a highly effective solution to address wet weather storm water pollution problems. This technology offers an effective method of preventing pollutants - such as: street litter, trash, and debris, vegetation and coarse sediments and the associated pollutants including nutrients, oils and heavy metals from entering our waterways.

Please see our CDS Technology Key Features Sheet and CDS Inline Unit shop drawings under the Shop Drawing heading at the top of the page. We also have a link to CDS at Contech - CDS Unit Drawings.

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