Product Literature
AFC Oil / Water Separators
We presently market a complete line of AFC Oil Water Separators ( Oil Water Interceptors ) for smaller flows, generally up to 12 litres per second. When designing these units we felt we had to improve...
CDS Oil Grit Separators
AFC Inc. markets a complete line of CDS Oil Grit Separators for large stormwater flows, ranging from 20 litres per second to 1812 litres per second or higher...
Our Values

AFC Inc. is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes oil water separators. In the year 2000 we also began to distribute CDS Oil Grit Separators. Our goal was and is to provide products of real value to the end user. This includes having products that have been tested by reputable engineering firms, products that are economical and products that do what they should do.

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